But certainly I was most powerfully influenced by stories from the Bible, especially the Old Testament.  I still think about these and over the years have written a couple of cheerful attempts at blasphemy.

An idea for one such story came to me as I was driving along a few days ago feeling mildly depressed.  I call it:

The True Story of Jonah and The Whale

            As told by Jonah.

This is an audio story in the form of an MP3.  If you have Quicken or Real Player the story should come up immediately.  Or your machine might download it and then you will have to click on the download.  Of course you must have speakers and/or earphones to hear anything.  It’s about nine minutes long.  I have made no attempt to imitate Jonah as I have no idea what he sounded like.

 If you have the time you might also want to check out an informal lecture by Doctor Peter Pedanticus, PhD (or PP as he is known by his friends):

What’s The Big Deal About the Pelvis: A ReProbing of Evolutionary Theory

Very little, if any, knowledge of evolutionary theory is required to grasp PP’s major point.  I have made no attempt to imitate PP either as I have no idea what he sounds like.

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