Historic Clinton, SC

Tingles are not new to Clinton, SC, where Brother Steve will be moving.  Amy Tingle King, daughter of Uncle Douglas, said in an email that she and her husband, Dennis, used to live there in a house located at 101 Jackson, mere blocks from 220 Bailey. 

Much to my embarrassment I failed to remember that I had met Amy at the funeral for Joan.  Now I recollect that she, her sister, Emily, and her brother, Ricky, were all there last year.  Amy reports that her mother is recovering well from her recent surgery.

Also I just learned Emily works at Thornwell Home for Children in Clinton.  She is a family teacher (houseparent) for 7 teenage girls and Amy works as secretary/receptionist for First Baptist Church in

In celebration of finding his new house, Brother Steve treated Carol and me to dinner at a restaurant called 120 Musgrove, conveniently located at 120 Musgrove.

That’s Steve’s rental, the green one, right there in front.  And next to it the car Carol and I rented; we rented with it a GPS.  Having never used one of those before I found it a hoot, though quite inaccurate on more than one occasion.

Inside the restaurant known as 120 Musgrove, formerly a five and dime.  Our food assistant person, formerly known as a waitress, told us that some patrons had objected to the red walls, as perhaps a tad to suggestive of hell.  The food was excellent. For further details click here for menu.  I give 120 a big two thumbs up and recommend it to anyone in the area. 

Clinton:  the main intersection. 

Intersection with train.  Golden Arches visible to left.

Close up on train. 

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  1. No dinner hours in July 2008!? I guess that’s because P.C. is out….or everybody does their own BBQ in the Summer….lunch menu looks good…..blog haunting relatives be advised, 203 Bailey is set to close Thursday the 3rd at 11 in the morning. I’ve got the paperwork printed out and will wire the bucks Tuesday the 1st. Carolina bound!

  2. Looks like a great restaurant. Great menu, at a reasonable price. Only open for lunch, that’s odd. Steve, congratulations on your new place.

  3. well, it looks like it’s closed for dinner in July at least….we went there for a great dinner while we were back there. But when the college is closed for the summer, business drops off.

  4. I just went back through your “Dan Stroked Out”, it is amazing to me. Wholly Shit!
    Oh but is was a dream, I dream I say! What else can it be? You have had a hard year and a half, I did not realized it until today. Have a beer on me! Have two beers! All I can say is love life man, love life. I don’t now what I would have done if I’d been crippled. Who knows I guess. It was something seeing the brain scan of me (some other brain , it was still “OF ME”)

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