In Black and White

 My mother sometimes gave me more information than I needed.  Or maybe it was my fault; my curiosity especially about my self is endless.  But, as I was informed, in April of 1944, my mother went to meet my father back in South Carolina so she could meet his parents.  They had not been married long and Granny’s house having but four rooms, the two sought privacy in the piney woods directly behind the house.

According to the author of Southern Ladies and Gentleman, young men and women in the South have long sought the privacy of the woods.  A true gentleman brings a coat, for the lady’s posteriors, and also a warm Coke, as a prophylactic douche.  I have long thought Coke would kill anything.  But that evening apparently my father brought the coat but no coke for I was conceived in those piney woods.

Those were happening times.  Peace was declared in May of 1945; the a-bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, as I gestated in my mother’s womb.  In embryonic form, I could not say that was there yet but it bothers me to think that I may have been if only potentially on this earth while Adolph Hitler was still alive.  He killed himself on April 30, 1945.

Not that I believe there is any karmic connection between me and Hitler; but those times seem so long ago and to think there’s any connection between me and them is disconcerting.

Why back then everything was in black and white.

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