Tingle Territory?

I found when I would wake up at 530 and it’s pitch dark outside and I am painfully buzzing from effexor withdrawal that I could steady myself a little by compulsively futzing around with the tingleroadcomputer.  I supposed in the olden days I would have taken out my knife and whittled all day.  But the computer has its own way to whittle things, and so I launched into a project I have entertained for some time, and that is to construct a web page for what I call Tingle Territory.

But once again I pooped out and the further I went to the project the more futile it felt.  Part of the problem is one’s audience.  Who the hell are these Tingles?  Well, I have found that throughout the USA one can locate a goodly number of Tingles, though obviously, this odd name is infrequently heard. I am trying feebly to say there is potentially at least more than one Tingle Territory because one can find more than one Tingle and they have all been in different territories or parts of this USA.

So I find it a bit pretentious or possibly grandiose to put up a page called Tingle Territory as if my tiny piece of Tingle Territory is the whole story.  Some Tingles on line out there in the Ether might go to my Tingle Territory and not be pleased.  I don’t want to offend any Tingles, for they are a fierce bunch. 

Or they are fierce, if, as I believe to be the case, most Tingles in the USA share common genetically linked Ancestors.  Most of the Browns or Smiths or Bushes in this country are probably genetically unlinked.  But the rarity of the Tingle name alone suggests a likely linkage.  Who would voluntarily take on that name, I ask.  Also the little I have gathered about Tingle genealogy suggests common ancestral and genetic links.

Rumor has it that six Tingle brothers came to the Colonies in the 1680’s.  I can trace my line back to a Solomon Tingle, known to be in the colonies in the early 1720’s and, though I cannot document it, I think it logical to infer he was the son of another Solomon Tingle, one of the original six.  The brothers appeared to have fanned out across the country.  I was driving through the “historic” district of Cincinnati once and stumbled on the Tingle House.  An elegant old structure once owned by a William Tingle who owned and operated a brick making plant.  Also, a Google Search documents a pretty large number of Tingle Roads and even Bridges scattered across the country from Maryland to Washington.

I have to believe these roads and bridges were named after people named Tingles who either lived near by or owned the land through which the roads ran and which, at watery places, were sustained by Tingle bridges.  The “Tingle Road” in my family line is located near Blount, Georgia.  That’s where my particular line, fathered by one of those six Tingle Brothers, headed, down South, by way of North Carolina to arrive in Georgia in the early 1800’s.

I don’t know if this is why things start, after a point, every time I try to write up a Tingle Territory page, to feel futile and a bit overwhelming.  My Tingle Territory is but a tiny bit of Tingle World.  Maybe, I could solve my problem by giving the page a different name, but I refuse to yield that alliteration.


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