Exhibit B: The End of Tingle Road

As I established by Exhibit A in my last entry, Tingle Road, as I will always know it, started not very far from the Paron Primitive Baptist Church, ran North then for a number of miles, hung a left, as it approached the county line between Monroe and Butts Counties, crossed Brownlee, and terminated at High Fall Roads.
Since the South end of Tingle Road had no street sign and only local opinion to give it official stature as any thing other than one of hundreds of nameless dirt roads, my wife and I made a point of driving to the Northern End, and there located Tingle Road in its black topped manifestation complete with street signs as documented here .

When I first devoted a web page, now scrapped, to Tingle Territory, I had to look high  and low for maps.  Now maps abound on the web, and so to check my memory, and my facts, and to see if there was more of Tingle Road than I had thought at the time, I googled Tingle Road and much to my displeasure found that it had significantly shrunk.

The green tack—Istoodhere—in the google image marks the intersection of High Falls and Tingle Road where I stood to take the picture above of the street sign marking the corner of High Falls and Tingle Road, but as the viewer will no doubt note directly to the right of the marker is a road called “Teagle” not “Tingle.”  Apparently, I will never again be able, should I wish, to stand at the corner of Tingle and High Falls Roads.  The whole upper end of Tingle Road has been changed to Teagle Road on MSN maps as well as Google.  istoodhere

I asked you, dear reader, what possibly could have been gained by this change from Tingle to Teagle.  Perhaps the locals didn’t like the sound of Tingle and so changed it to Teagle or perhaps some stupid redneck failed to copy Tingle correctly and had signs made up as Teagle.  tinytingle

And just as perturbing, if not more so, The Red Dirt Tingle Road near the Paron Church has also disappeared.  I direct the viewer’s attention to the tiny Bit of Tingle Road (microsoft map) that now runs into something called “Gordon” Road.  Why this part of Tingle Road is called Gordon Road I have no idea.  Who is this Gordon person?  All that remains now officially of Tingle Road is that little bit of the triangle, hardly a quarter mile long.  Better to have wiped out the whole road rather than leave that mockery of a vestige of its former robust self.

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