The Old Homested

Below please find the official legal description, duly signed and notarized, for the former Tingle family acerage near Ora, SC.


Apparently, WB couldn’t get any bank to lend him the money for the land; after all he lacked any collateral, except maybe that white mule.  So he borrowed the money from AY Bryson.  1800 bucks for one acre.  I don’t know but that seems a bit steep to me for one acre back in 1946.  But maybe he was paying for the prime location.  Below please find the terms for the loan:


 And from the Greenville News, date line Wednesday, November 3, 1948. I sadly report:

Jasper Barton, 50, Route 1, Woodruff, was still in poor condition last night at General Hospital where he was admitted Monday for treatment of injuries recveived when a mule reportedly struck him while Mr. Barton was trying to hitch him to a wagon.  What the mule struck Mr. Barton with is still unknown. 


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