When recently I assisted, one day, in helping my brother’s clean out Joan’s house for the purpose protodorkf selling it, I was given the responsibility of collecting the pictures and other documents Joan had stuck in a cedar chest or left lying about.  I spent some hours over this Christmas break plowing through the stuff, sorting out pictures I found of historical interest largely.  I found also a couple of envelopes: one labeled Dan and another Dave, containing pictures of my brothers Dan and Dave respectively.

I gave Dan his envelope of picture stuff on Christmas day.  We went through it and got a couple of laughs, and Dan on his blog has used some of the pictures to tell the story of his early years as a dork.  Well, not as a dork, exactly, but as a dorklike person in the land of dorks.  He told me that he almost pissed his self laughing at that Napoleon Dynamite movie.  I didn’t think the movie was funny really, just sort of sad, and peopled largely with drooling idiots.

But Dan is 14 years younger than I and completely a California Kid born and raised.  Fads come and go quickly under late consumer capitalism.  I was spared the Dork phenomenon.

I have got to mail Dave his envelope of picture stuff but I keep forgetting.

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