Well, the talk is over, and it went well.  Last year, we—Len and Joanne Podis and I—had 30 to 35 people in the room and this year 50 to 55.  People were standing.  We have no idea why especially since we were up against the talk of the woman who wrote bastard out of Carolina.  Joanne thought maybe people came because we had one of a very few interesting titles for our talk…”Dude! Where’s My Voice: Identity, Language and the Working Class Writing Instructor.”  I think Len and Joanne had thought too that this would be the last time we presented together.  But in light of the surprising turnout we decided to think about putting together another panel for next year.  I am in charge of coming up with an idea.

 We had a lot of laughs in our session.  We want to keep the humor, the more personal approach and say something further about the working class teacher/student issues.

We ate way too much today.





 M n’ M’s seem to be taking over the Times Square area.

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