Teacher of Record



As teacher of record, I am obliged to ok my teaching assistants’ final grades.  That’s done online now.  So there I was wide awake at 11:45 pm and pissed off because one of my charges hadn’t turned in his grades. The deadline for that was midnight, so there I was, like an idiot, online and johnny on the spot should he get them in at the last second.  I didn’t stay up till 12 though because I couldn’t access the site to approve the grades anyway, most of the school having apparently decided to turn in grades at the last possible second.


This morning I learn there was a screw up on the site; also the original date had been set for today, not yesterday, and they moved it back to yesterday for some unknown reason and my TA hadn’t gotten the word and that’s why his grades were late.

So what with all the screw ups and the site crashing, they extended the deadline for grades until 3 today.  So I stayed up late for no damn good reason at all.  I knew it was for no damn good reason at the time, but I couldn’t help myself.  Finally, I am at long last done officially with last quarter with four days till the next one starts.



Sometimes I forget we live less than a mile from the Pacific, but today I remembered.  So here are a couple of shots from Campus Point.

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