New Dog



Brother Dan and Sister-in-Law Teresa visited Joan in the hospital.  She was quite unresponsive, scarcely able to stay awake.  Brother Dave says he has seen her in this condition before and she recovered.  That was from the bladder infection.  What’s next is up in the air.  She cannot stay in the hospital indefinitely.  Possibly she will be returned to the Villas where she was before in skilled nursing.  Or if the doctors think it appropriate she will be moved to hospice care.  That would be an indication they feel strongly that she will not recover.


Carol and I have made plans to fly down to San Diego this coming Saturday.  That’s a bit extravagant, flying I mean.  But we want to come back together so we can drive back together to SB in the one car that Mrs. Press is passing along to us.  While down there, we will visit Mrs. Press, and see David and Teresa and Steve too, I hope.  And stop at the hospital.

 I was surprised to see, visiting Brother Dan yesterday, that they had a dog.  They have never had a dog before.  I thought they were kidding.  But there the dog was sleeping in its little dog bed.  I thought maybe at first it was a pup because it was small, but I was told it was 3 years old, and then I thought, oh my god, they got a sickly dog, because it was so small and lying there completely out of it.  But then I was told Dan had just taken the little dog on a seven mile walk.  The darn thing was completely pooped out what with the walk and the new surroundings.

They got the dog from the humane society; somebody else had it before they got it and those people returned it to the humane society.  You have ten day trial period with the dog.  That’s worrisome, that somebody else returned it.  But the dog looks pretty mellow to me.  I mean I don’t see a problem unless it cannot control its bowels properly.

It will be good company for Brother Dan who is at home a lot by himself.  It’s a female and came with the name “Casey.”  But it doesn’t respond to that, so maybe they will give it another name. 

Above, that’s Savannah with the yet to be named dog.

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