Mini Stroke

Lately I have felt a bit like Andy Capps’ Joe Btfsplk.  Not because I feel I am a jinx as Joe was (I leave that to Jonah, king of jinxes), but because of that perpetual cloud over his head:




Dan called to say he had been in the hospital, Thurday night I guess it was.  But because he has a hard time talking, he wasn’t too clear on details.  So I drove to his place Friday and came away feeling upset because I woke him up from a nap, and while he made it clear something had happened, I left not knowing exactly what that was and feeling anxious.  So I drove down again today and Dan’s wife, Kim, said Dan had a mini-stroke. He lost sensation in his left hand but it came back.  At the hospital they did a catscan and pumped him full of a stronger blood thinner.

Kim drew a picture for me and I felt more secure looking at the picture.  It was something like this.  The big red area to the right is the first stroke, and the little red area below the big read area represents the mini  stroke.




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