Brother Steve had a burst of energy and went to the bank in Escondido to see if he could get into Joan’s safety deposit box and perhaps locate her original will that the lawyer wants (along with a death certificate).  He had the death certificate, but no key to the deposit box, so they said he had the right to get into the box but they would have to get somebody to pull the lock.  Then he remembered that maybe he had seen the key in one of Joan’s purses that might be in the storage area where we put the stuff from Delridge.  So he went there—sure, enough—found the key, went to the bank, got in the safety deposit box and located the original will along with Brothers Dave and Dan and my birth certificates.  Then he went over to Joan’s lawyers and dropped off the original will as well as the death certificate, and so—thanks to his efforts—we have got the ball rolling on the lawyer side of things.


Brother Steve reports he got a T. Rex CD, which was sort of odd since the day before I had been humming “Bang a Gong” in my head.

I am waiting for the lawyer paper work.  All sorts of things to fill out, and of course they want a 2000 dollar retainer.

I brought up the coca cola vigil thing with my students, showing them some pictures from the web.  I huffed and puffed about how tawdry I thought it was—displaying one’s grief with coca cola cup. And then said, though, maybe I was overreacting and what did they think.  They didn’t say I was over-reacting, but then they didn’t find anything particularly wrong with it either.  Well, a little bit maybe.  Though all seemed to accept the coca cola cup thing as an indication of how much the consumer culture has become part of all we do…for better or worse, I guess.

I am running on empty.  Last night I was trying to respond to a student’s email and I kept putting my fingers on the wrong keys and coming out with stuff like akjoaduioa—and I just couldn’t stop doing it.  I need to rest somehow but it’s hard to rest when you can’t relax, and I can’t relax because it seems like I have this little engine down there some where that is running at full speed and I can’t shut it off.

 Cousin Beth sent along the image of the Pepsi Cola Vigil.  This is a picture of students at Furman College, in Greenville SC, honoring the dead students at VT.  Cousin Lucy who works in the public relations office at Furman says the students at Furman were pretty deeply affected by events at VT.

 I was a bit surprised at the Pepsi Cola cups since in the South, as I understand it, Coke is king.  A high school in Georgia held a Coke day and all the students came to school wearing Coca Cola t-shirts, except for one maverick who came wearing a Pepsi shirt.  He was sent home for the day.

 Coke is king according to my understanding because it was developed by a man named Pemberton of Atlanta, GA.  I think the Coke headquarters are still there—in Atlanta.  But I am not sure.

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