I am foggy in the head.

It got up to 85 degrees here out of nowhere and I wasn’t ready for it.  It was 81 degrees at about 10 pm.  I thought it would go down, but I didn’t open the windows full blast and remove all sheets and blankets till about 1 am.  So I didn’t sleep long or well.


Santa Barbara has a really, really mild climate.  It was a bit colder than usual this winter, but we turned the heat on only a couple of times.  During the summer it does get up to the 80s a number of times, but very, very rarely into the 90’s and I only remember one time, years ago, that it got over a 100.  So as I said, it’s really, really mild; and even more so where we are located, about a mile from the Pacific.  Having the ocean so close moderates the temperature even more.

The heat came with some winds off the ocean and so outside right now it’s bright and really, really clear.  The winds aggravated my sinuses though and I have this sort of ring of ache around both eyeballs.

While I am talking about eyeballs, maybe I should indicate too that I am very, very regular.  Daily regular.  If I miss a day, I get really upset and start to feel all stuffed up.  I am probably thinking about this because one time I visited a friend back in the 70’s who lived in Tucson, Arizona.  It was really, really hot there and I guess I got dehydrated or something, and was unable to relieve myself for a good four days.  I felt as if I was seriously ill and was going to die.

Damn, that was a while ago.  I remember now that we went to see Jaws; it had just come out.  So that was 1975.  So that episode of constipation must have really left its mark for me to remember it all this time.  Though, actually, that I would remember is probably also tied to my anal sense of humor.  Whatever that means? 

Damn, I just remembered a time back in college in the 60’s.  I can see it clear as day.  I was walking along and asked the guy—that I would see here and there—how he was and he said not good because he had not crapped in two weeks.  I started laughing because I couldn’t believe it.  That was sort of rude of me because I saw the guy was actually in pain.  He wasn’t kidding me.  He really hadn’t shat in two weeks.  I didn’t know something like that was even possible.  I still don’t know if such a think is possible but I am pretty sure the guy was not lying to me.  I left him with a new found respect.

McFadden—the guy’s name was McFadden.  I am pretty sure.  Where the hell did that come from.  He was a good guy.  He’s now a Professor of Chemistry at Boston College specializing in kinetics and dynamics of free radical and electron attachment reactions in the gas phase.  Cool. 


That’s a pic of McFadden from the BC site.  He still looks like a good guy.  Wish I had that hair. 

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