WB Stone: Part 2




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As the observant viewer will note, in WB Stone: Part 1, the space below the birthdate of Joan K. is blank.  But for eighty dollars, Mr. Wilson of Wilson memorials drove over to the Ora, ARP graveyard and chiseled Joan’s departure date.

It’s odd to think that the blank space below Joan’s name will only be blank in photographs of the gravestone before she died. Now, the blank is filled and will remained filled.

I find it odd to think about this and to look at those pictures.  But maybe there is something to this stuff, doing these things I mean.  In prior times, people had sometimes extended periods of mourning after the death of a relative.  And at times, I have wished that I had been wearning a black arm band to signify why I was (am still) more morose even than usual.  

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