Alleregy Attack!

I must say I felt a little light hearted upon learning that the blood flow to my brain remains relatively unimpeded.  I had dreaded the occasion of course of the examination itself  and my light hearted-ness was somewhat dampened by what might be called post-anticipatory anxiety exhaustion.  Still, the potential for some light hearted-ness was there, but on top of the post-anticipatory anxiety exhaustion what happens but that I should have a massive allergy attack.

Actually, the attack started sometime last week.  The winds kicked up and Carol and I on the same days started sneezing like crazy.  I had felt I was fighting it off.  But Tuesday, after learning the blood is flowing correctly to my brain, the allergy attack hit me full force and now I am concerned what with the constant flow of PND (post nasal drip) that the attack will deepen into a horrible cold or possibly even bronchitis.

So while the blood is flowing to my brain, you could not have proved it by me yesterday so complete was my fatigue from the allergy attack.  I don’t know if I can describe how miserable a thing it is to go to bed with a stuffed up nose and runny head and have to wear on top of that whole mess a sleep apnea mask.  Trying to breath through the nose with a cold while wear a sleep apnea mask is like totally frustrating; you could sleep with your mouth open but that would defeat the whole idea of the mask which is to help you keep your mouth closed so your tongue doesn’t flop back in your mouth and cut off your air supply. 

So I tossed and turned and finally to alleviate my agony had to take some of that fearsome Nyquil.  I don’t know what the hell is in that stuff, but it usually knocks me out every time.  So Wednesday and yesterday, passed pretty much in a fog of fatigue, drugged up stupor and excessive snot.  I became very irritable.  I had wanted to rest up a little before tackling the 50 odd research papers about to come in over my email.  Instead, I will be reading through them with rheumy and drippy eyes.

Speaking of which—some of the research papers have come in and I must now turn to them….

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