Tingle Territory: Part 1

I thought to distract myself a little from my worry about Brother Dan’s upcoming procedure (tomorrow) as well as channel my perpetual anxiety that I would recreate a website I had up a good while ago called: Tingle Territory.

This site consisted mostly of pictures of Tingle places I have visited in Georgia and SC in search of my roots. 

The last TT was a regular web page; you scrolled down the page to see the pics.  This time I am using some goggle freeware to create a webpage with thumbnails.  When you click on the thumbnail the pic gets bigger and some captions I have written should also appear.

This is sort of a test run.  This first page I call "Pappy Tingle’s House."

Click here to see the test run. 

  To the best of my knowledge this house was built at the turn of 20th century.  Back in that day, there was no air conditioning; so you had to build a house that helped you to cope with the heat.  The high roof and ceilings had apparently some cooling properties.  One big corridor runs right from the front door to straight to the back door, so you could let cooling breezes, if there were any, go right through the house.  Along the corridor were two big rooms on one side and two big rooms on the other.  And back when the house was first constructed the kitchen was out back and not attached to the house.  But the kitchen is long gone.

I don’t know if this type of house is called a shotgun shack or not. 

I visited the house first in 1963 when the family came back to SC for a visit.  I remember sitting there in the heat feeling I was in the middle of nowhere.  Back then there was a scupponan arbor along one side of the house.  I ate some.  They were good.  I think that is the one and only time I have eaten scuppons.

I visited the house again with Carol many years later in 1994.  We drove by, stopped, took some pictures.  Finally, I went to the front door and knocked.  Mrs. Webb came to the door.  I told her I was a Tingle.  She didn’t quite follow and started telling me a Tingle lived right down the road.  When I made it a bit clearer who I was, she and Mr. Webb invited us in and they let us take a look around the place.

 They seemed very proud of their big freezer that ran along one wall of the corridor.  They opened it up and I admire the stuff in it though I couldn’t have said what it was.

Mr. and Mrs. Webb are now both dead.  Mr. Webb, suffering from a prolonged illness, killed himself out in the backyard.  Mrs. Webb died some years later.  I don’t know who owns the house now.

Pappy Tingle was the father of William Berner Senior, William Berner Senior was the father of WB junior, Neal, Edith, Addie, Carl, Mamie and Doublas.

So he was my great-great grandfather. 









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  1. Nick,
    This is Emily Tingle, Douglas’ youngest daughter. I was not able to come to Aunt Joan’s funeral because I was working, but Amy (my sister) gave me your blog address and I have been reading everyday!!
    I just wanted to see how Dan’s procedure went and let you know that we are thinking about ya’ll.

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