A walk to the beach

Brother Dan came by some time last week with Puccini the Dog and the three of us walked and talked (I talked mostly and the dog didn’t talk at all) our way out to the beach.  The walk to the public access spot on what is called Elwood Beach takes 25 minutes maybe.  I used to go out that way quite a bit especially when I had my bike.  I rode out that way all the time and took a couple of interesting spills that involved going head over heels over the handle bars.

But I bet it had been more than a year, maybe even two since I last walked out there.  I had heard construction was going up on the bluffs and I didn’t want to see it.  It’s a place people go to walk their dogs or just to get out a bit.  On a Thanksgiving afternoon, you will find all sorts of people out there trying to walk off the Thanksgiving bloat.

So I decided to walk out there today again by myself.  I don’t know why exactly.  I guess because the day, with the Big Fire, had started out pretty gloomy, but then the wind started up a bit and blew that stuff away and it got pretty sunny.  So I decided to take a walk.  I need to appreciate my surroundings more.  Not everybody can walk to a beach 25 minutes from their place.

So here’s a picture from the bluff above the beach.  That’s looking sort of south, I think, back towards the University.  Pretty empty.




And this is one to give a sense of scale.  If you look really close you can see a bit of white near the middle of the picture.  That’s a person walking along.



 And then if you turn around where I was standing, you can see the mountains off there in the distance a bit.



And this is a Google map that shows where I stood while taking the pictures above.  I stood almost directly inland from the little camera there in the picture.  That camera indicates that where I was standing is a known picture taking place.


And if you have the time and energy, you can click here and go to a site that has other pictures taken from almost exactly the spot I stood.  But by another person.

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