Weekly De-Spamming

I was deleting all that spam I get about enlarging my penis and came across, while doing so, a response to my description of my recent tooth cleaning.  It was from one MamaGums.  She has a site up that sells stuff.  And people selling stuff make me suspicious.  But the comment wasn’t spam and so I looked at the site (www.mamagums.com) and I can say that Ms. Gums is truly committed to gum care and that gums have a true defender in Ms. Gums.

She believes we should brush our teeth and gums with toothpaste high in baking soda and that we should use an irrigator rather than floss, and that we should brush our tongues as well as our gums and teeth.

This put me in mind of a time years back when, during one of my multiple attempts to stop smoking, I went to an acupuncturist.  Before I got to lie down on the acupuncturist bed thing, the acupuncturist would ask me how I was doing in general physically and as part of this abbreviated check up she would ask me to stick out my tongue.  Then she would take a long hard look at my tongue.  Sometimes it seemed like I had to stick that tongue out there a long time as she looked at it this way and that.

I don’t know what the heck she saw when looking at my tongue, but I started for a while there to look at my tongue myself.  And I must say I didn’t like what I saw.  Sometimes, the thing would be a sort of sodden white towards the back, and sometimes, the tongue had a greenish hue, and once it was even yellowish. I had a sort of a psychedelic tongue.  I stopped looking at my tongue because doing so only gave me more hypochondrical thoughts.

But who knows maybe right there in the middle of our mouth is a good index of the state of our general health, if one could only understand what one is seeing.  Certainly, the medical profession is not likely to tell us about this index, since we might start diagnosing ourselves by looking at our tongues.  Or maybe it’s all nonsense.

In any case, I recommend looking at your tongue once in a while just to see what you think of it.  It’s one of those body parts that don’t receive sufficient attention to my mind.  I have already written about and so won’t repeat my attempts to examine my own anus.  I mean after all it is the other main opening into the body.  But I don’t recommend trying it if you have a back problem.

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