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About that tomato concoction WB used to eat with black-eyed peas, a reliable source adds: 

the tomato, sugar and black pepper black eye pea accompaniment of which you speak is actually a rather delectable side dish properly called "stewed tomatoes".  It’s actually a great "gravy" not only for any kind of peas or beans, but is also quite tasty on biscuits (which should first be covered with freshly stewed corn – a whole different story altogether)or rice or mashed potatoes or loaf bread (as opposed to "corn bread), or even boiled okra – yum . Of course, you can always just eat stewed tomatoes with a spoon right out of a bowl – that is, if the bowl isn’t already filled with warm cornbread, black pepper, and sweet milk (as opposed to "butter" milk).

I do not remember having eaten cornbread with sweet milk from a bowl but I do occasionally have a hankering for stewed tomatoes warmed up and straight from the can.


I didn’t know but Brother Steve reports that he is also lactose intolerant and had to give up on cheese.

My niece Savannah, who just turned 13, had her hair cut last week for the first time in her life.

Brother Dave and Sister-in-Law Teresa went off for four days in their motor home to Dos Picos, a park not far from San Diego.

Carol went to visit some good friends in Dallas, who just moved there a few months back, and to do some networking at Dance Departments in colleges there.  She left last Wednesday, I think it was and was to return last night (Sunday) but freaky thunderstorms delayed planes and she has had to stay over another day.  She got a cheap rate from the airlines for a Super 8 not ten minutes from the airport near a part of Dallas called the Grapevine, an historic district, not bad to hand out.

She is booked to fly back to SB this evening.  But who knows, the reports are for more thunderstorms.  God I hate flying.

I think “sweet milk” is condensed milk that comes in a can.


That’s the Super 8 near Grapevine in Dallas.  Though it might be a Super 8 anywhere. 

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  1. Oh, my gosh. Please do not claim to be from the south any more.
    Sweet milk is just regular milk, as opposed to butter milk which is butter milk, and which is sometimes used in a glass with cornbread instead of sweet milk (regular whole milk).
    Sweetened condensed milk is used to make deliciously wicked desserts – lemon meringue pie,for example. Maybe I should send you a book, maybe something along the lines of “The Displaced Southerner’s Book of Southern” or “Dispelling the Ignorance of Southern-rooted Californians”. Or even “Eating Southern: How To Clog Your Arteries In Three Easy Meals A Day”.
    Oh, oh, wait just a minute – “The Basic Food Groups of the South: Sugar, White Flour, and Lard”. Okay, I could go on all day but I won’t. You get it. Just consider me your best source for information regarding Southern cuisine.

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