Sea Salt and Salt Water

I spoke today, briefly, with Sister-in-Law Teresa who has suffered terrible sinus problems and who swears by the sea salt rinse, as does JT, for the amelioration of sinus problems.  Also to be used in the case of a cold, as I can testify having used a store bought form of sinus rinse before bed.  I managed to get to sleep without an assist from that wretched Nyquil substance.  Teresa recommends a home brew: 1 gallon distilled water, four tablespoons of sea salt, two tablespoons of baking soda.  She much prefers this home mix as doing the job perfectly well and not causing the burning that some of the store bought kinds do.


Carol and I took a long walk along the Elwood Bluffs as pictured below:





Here’s the spot we usually sit looking in the general direction of SF.


 Here can see the path that leads down from the spot we usually sit to get to the sand.


More in the direction of SF; can’t see the path any more.


I started the walk trying to track down a hawk, though this wasn’t the one.


You’d have to know where to look to see the path to the beach now.


We have walked as far as we can go, to the edge of a golf course surrounded by barbed wire.


The End through anise weed. 




3 Replies to “Sea Salt and Salt Water”

  1. I just love your scenic beach pictures. And how did you know that I love to watch hawks fly?
    I hope you get over that nasty cold soon. I am doing O.K. and am keeping busy, although the house seems empty now. I keep a radio or TV on just for the sound. People at work are still being very nice, which is a relief. Thanks a ton for your phone call.

  2. Mom and I always joked that “there must be a gene for it.” We must share a gene for the love of watching hawks soar, among others.

  3. Hi Lucy!
    Yes, I love to watch hawks soar. They are awesome. I found what I think was a hawk’s feather in the parking lot and I kept it. I also love to watch Canadian geese fly in that lovely V formation.
    Mama and Aunt Addie have said that Grandma Tingle liked to watch the birds.

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