The Last Day of Class

Today was the last day of class for the Fall Quarter, 2007.  Next time classes meet it will be 2008.


Here students read and discuss rough drafts of their final paper on the movie, "Fight Club."  That’s Joseph waving.  I asked him had he heard of the story of Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors.  He said no and that he didn’t think his coat had that many colors.  In front of Joesph, that Tracy’s–she is reading Gina’s paper on Gina’s laptop that ran out of energy during class.  That’s Gina in her uggs.  Back there between Gina and Tracey is Ben.  Ben always carries his rubics cube with him (visible here next to his arm).  We timed him one day and he cubed the cube in a minute and 10 seconds.  Pretty impressive.  I told him the cube was a fetish object that he used to ward off evil spirits because we had been discussing consumer objects as fetish objects intended to ward off evil spirits.

Nancy, sitting way in the back, with her head looking down sent me her paper and a link to a site were she "elfed" me.  Kind of cute, may take a second to load.


Here students pretend to wave hello/goodbye to me because I asked them to.  That’s Eric toward the left back in a stocking cap.  He answers my questions about my new Mac.  Way to the right with half of her face visible–that’s Mary.  She works mornings at the club where Carol and I go to work out.  Two people straight back from Mary is Matt who just yesterday became a US citizen.  He is now a citizen of the US and Spain.  He had to say the Pledge of Allegiance.
We had a pretty good time and then went home.  I told them that it was going to rain tomorrow and that they should dress accordingly.  

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  1. You have a great looking bunch of students. Cooperative, too, apparently. Josh enjoyed Fight Club and talked me into watching it. The fighting was hard for me to watch, so brutal and realistic, but it was a good movie.

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