Brother Dan works for a software/service firm called Citrix.  I used one of their products a few years back before I knew they were located right here in town.  I subscribed to “Go to My PC.”  Windows comes with a lame-o version; go to Accessories, under that go to Communication; click on remote desktop and if you have all the right numbers you can hook up your home computer to say your computer at work, of if you are off traveling somewhere you can use it to hook up directly with your home computer.  And I do mean directly.  If you subscribe to Go to my PC it works real easily and once you get it to work, you can click on a spot and immediately up will come the screen of the PC you are trying to access, I mean the desktop and through that you can go directly into the distant PC as if it was sitting right there in front of you.  Say you need a document from your distant PC on the PC in front of you, you can go in, find the document, and email it to yourself to the PC in front of you.  They sell other more complicated services for business, and well, it’s a good product and they have been making money hand over fist.  If I were a traveling business man, I couldn’t live without it.

Brother Dan came by yesterday and he took me over to the new digs that Citrix is in the process of moving into—their corporate office.  Turns out it’s less than a mile from where I live, in a pack of buildings I hadn’t noticed before.



Here is Brother Dan in his new office.


Here’s a view of the big office.  Note the snazzy carpet and the open ceiling effect.  Designed Iexpect to make the whole room feel more open.
Here’s Dan in what will be the "game room"–can you believe–of the entire office floor. 
Here’s what Brother Dan is looking at.
I don’t know why these pics. came up fuzzy.  My little camera is usually pretty trustworthy.


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