Catching Up with Thanks

Thanks to Cousin Lucy, in a previous comment, for clearing up the mystery of the sickly white egret which turns out to be not an egret at all but a Grey Heron and probably a perfectly healthy one which only looked sickly to me because it wasn’t acting like an egret, which thank goodness, it wasn’t because that’s not what it was.

Lucy said it was a Grey Heron and the picture of one on Wikipedia sure looks like my Grey Heron except that one pictured in Wikipedia lives or lived in Africa. 

Grey Heron in Africa 

 Thanks also to Brother Steve for his discussion of herons and the habits of those strange Pelicans that nest in the Mud at Lake Wohlford rather than somewhere down by the ocean which is 20 miles away as the Pelican flies.


Thanks also to Nephew Brian for the pictures taken from rooftop of the building where he resides of the sky and the Oakland sky line where his building is located.

I don’t know that they had any philosophical motive or not but Brother Dave and Sister-in-Law Teresa passed Christmas and a good portion of the Holidays not at home by their festive Christmas tree but in their motor home at Joshua Tree, California.  Joshua Tree is located out in the California Desert near 29 Palms.  I think there was a movie called 29 Palms or maybe it was an Album.

While Joshua Tree is in the desert—it is winter—and from this picture of Brother Dave it appears the desert can get pretty cold.


While at Joshua Tree Brother Dave and Sister in Law Teresa visited the Sutton Ranch.From this picture, Brother Dave must have felt momentarily at home because, be damned, if this doesn’t look like it could be one of WB’s backyards. 


Oh—I just noticed—410 pm, Tuesday—that a number of folks did the abbreviated Briggs-Myers.  Thanks.  I hope it was some fun and am sure I will have some analytic thoughts there upon later.  

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  1. W.B. would have been right at home at the Key’s ranch.There were sheds with familiar items and adobe forms……not to mention all the junk/stuff.

  2. It was weird seeing all the old cement mixers and the stuff all around. It really did look like W.B. lived there.
    He was an odd old bird.

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