A Day of Rest

Sunday—I congratulated myself for having taken a day of rest.  Sure, I did some stuff.  I did my reading for Monday’s class, worked on the writing assignment a bit, and posted some emails.  But mostly I actually reclined on the sofa and watched TV.  I watched two football games.

First the San Diego Chargers.  I have been following them through their ups and mostly downs since about 1964 when they played in this tiny stadium next to Balboa Park.  So I just had to watch their game against Indianapolis.  They won strangely, though in the process LT—the league leading rusher—went out with a bruised knee, and then the erratic Rivers, the QB, also went out with a wobbly knee too.  Next week I expect they will be massacred by the robotic New England Patriots. It will be like watching paper go into a paper shredder.

Then, I watched New York against the Cowboys.  I didn’t watch as much of that.  I just wanted to see the Cowboys take a lick’en.  I have disliked them since the Tom Landry days when those Cowboys (I mean what are cow boys; let’s face it they are just boys with cows) claimed to be America’s team.  I don’t like mixing patriotism with sports or with much of anything else.

Then I watched some of a movie, as I recollect…and drifted off into a nap for a bit.  And that evening I watched a Laker’s game.  I have been watching the Lakers since 1980 when Magic, with his life-giving vitality, showed up on the court.  So I just had to watch, and they are doing better than last year.  When bingo—some time in the 2nd quarter—their new, young center went down with a knee injury.

Three knee injuries in one day.  At least ones I remember.  I expect there were a lot more than that.

So I thought, jeez Nick…this is a psychological breakthrough.  You managed to rest—or at least try to—for a whole day.  But I wake up the next morning feeling completely washed out.  We have to go to the bank to sign some papers and while I am sitting there feeling like a lump (Carol says I looked like hell) the guy there starts talking about this stomach flu that’s going around, and I become more and more aware of gurgling noises in my stomach and the fact that I have had pretty sharp gas pains lately.  I have gas a lot but usually not pains with it.  And about half way through my first class, I start having muscle aches through by back and up my shoulder and mid-way through the next class I have a headache and feel completely wiped out.

So I didn’t have a psychological break threw.  I was taking a Tingle Vacation and didn’t know it.  Getting sick being the Tingle Idea of a Vacation.

 Today—I seem to be status quo—aches, pains, fatigue, but thank goodness so far no fever.  I hate fevers.

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  1. Heavens to Betsy…..I read your blog and Dan’s e-mail….and was trying to remember what it was I was going to say…and realized it was just a few trivial things….like how they stocked more trout yesterday, and so the infamous Lake Pelicans (perhaps familiar to those poor few lost souls who frequent these “comments”)….the pelicans seem to like it when they back the big truck down the boat ramp and shoot a bunch of farmed trout into the lake….the fish are pretty confused after being shot through the air, so the pelicans just cruise around and scarf them up, with no energetic flying over surf required….after a day or so the fish spread out into the lake more….but this morning the birds were still crowding the cove more than usual….other than that, I went to the Post Office and to Palomar campus to get a catalog, and to the library for a stack of science fiction…wait a minute….this is Nick’s blog, not the e-mail….guess it doesn’t make any difference…

  2. Steve…thanks for the long comment…I liked hearing about the confused fish. If I were a fish I don’t think I would like being shot through the air.
    I wish I could figure it out, but I think there is some way, if I could figure it out how people other than myself might post entries (not just comments to the blog). Maybe I will try to figure it out and see if it’s possible and if any one would want to do it.
    Might be a real pain in the butt though.

  3. Hi All. I enjoy reading your comments too, Steve. About the fish flying through the air and then being confused for awhile. I empathize with those fish. I feel confused almost daily at work, at home, almost anywhere.

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