Musical Tingles

We Tingles seem to have some creative juices.  Recently I heard from Jack Tingle.  The Roscoe will be playing as follows:




For songs click here:

 Also musically inclined, Nathan Jey Tingle of Nashville, Tennessee.  Wish I had a bigger pic:


 For Songs click here.

 Brother Dan also plays guitar, sings, and writes songs.  Back in the 80’s he and Kim had a group called Good-Bye Blue Monday.  I have an old tape of their songs dated August 9, 1986.  Here’s one that I digitized, called "She Fell."

 And I too keep strumming the guitar and writing songs, though vocally and guitar wise I am not in the same league with Jack, Nathan, and Dan.  Still, I keep trucking and am working currently on a batch of love songs. Here’s one in progress: Fool For Love

I felt sort of odd yesterday, Thursday, the whole day.  Perhaps my unconscious was aware that yesterday was February 7, the second anniversay of the death of William Berner Tingle Junior.


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  1. I think the Tingle must be the one on the far left. And the house is under construction in the pic, so it must have been early 80’s some time.

  2. Two years have passed since I thought of WBT. Damn him. I mean really thought about him. In the way you do. I just I don’t have much to say about him. I am driven by the “5051” and him being carted off. And every thing else. It is weird to me, who took the picture? It is odd to me him sitting there.
    See you later Bill! Rest in Peace.

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