I have very much appreciated and learned from comment upon my entry “Zombie Lore.”

I had thought that Zombie Strippers might be an addition to the small sub-genre of Zombie Comedy.  But Brother Steve’s description of said movie suggests otherwise.  Some Zombie movies are of course unintentionally funny; I think here of “Zombies on a Plane,” derived directly from the equally ridiculous, “Snakes on a Plane.”  “I Married a Zombie” clearly aimed in the direction of comedy, but missed the mark completely.  The little I was able to watch verged on the grotesque and in what one might call the more intimate scenes far, far too little was reserved for the imagination.  “Mexican Zombies In Texas” might be a comedy, but I will never watch it to find out.

Being a student of the Zombie Genre, I rented Shaun of the Dead as soon as it hit the shelves.  It remains to my mind the finest example (and perhaps only) of Zombie Comedy.  Made by the duo that later made Hot Fuzz, this film shows the conventions of zombie flicks a proper respect.  Liberal in its gore, though observing the conventions of good taste (relative to good taste as defined in Zombie Movies), this film celebrates the human spirit in its capacity for limitless stupidity and, I might add, not incidentally, male bonding.

The beetle browed protagonist survives.  But even more, so does his long time drinking buddy, a drink sodden dope, given to frequent flatulence, though he has been zombizied, in the act of saving the protagonist’s life.  The final scene in which the protagonist, in a shed out back of his house, plays video games with his zombie friend is, well, heart warming in its celebration of a bond of friendship so strong that it transcends the deep antagonism of zombie for humans and vice versa.

Had I seen the film in a theatre I would have stood and applauded, so moved was I.  But as usual while viewing a film, I was lying on the floor of the condo, with the cat in my lap, and in any case did not feel like getting up.


That’s Shaun on the right, with his bosum buddy to the left, not yet the zombie he will become (though he appears close to being a zombie in his natural state). 

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  1. I think Zombie Strippers must be comedy, even with it’s crude description in the paper….they make gross comedy nowadays don’t they? I still wonder how the virus knows who to attack….I picture the virus dressed up as Eric Idle, asking ladies on a London street if they are strippers or not, before he decides to infest them….

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  3. Hi Jenny,
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