22 Days

If my numbers are correct (and they could well not be), I have gone 22 days now, as of 8:30 PM, Monday, August 18, without a cigarette or any form of nicotine.

I have not made it this far sans nicotine for a number of years.  Clear back in the late 80’s or early 90’s.

I would like to report that I feel better and more assured in my quest for zero nicotine no tolerance lifestyle.  Unfortunately, I still feel like crap, little or no energy, lethargic in the extreme, at moments positively torporous and not at all convinced of the final outcome.

I watch Olympic events and I lack concentration to figure out what the heck the people are doing.  I numbly ask myself how the hell did these events get in the Olympics and by what stretch of the imagination do the people doing these things qualify as athletes.  The Ancient Greeks would be appalled by the trash sports we have allowed into the competition.  I eagerly await the introduction of “x-treme” “sports” involving skate boards and alligator wrestling into this hopeless and idiotic affair.

The fellow who won all those swimming medals unfortunately seems to have a problem saying words; or at least I find myself losing concentration in the rather lengthy gaps between his words.

The American gymnasts seem joyless people who have sold their souls to the devil for who knows what.

I watch the Olympics when I get up as a way of irritating myself into semi-conscious.  I saw some people running around throwing a ball in what appeared to be an insane cross between basketball and ice hockey.  What the hell was that?  And who the hell are these equestrians and what sort of hang-up do they have with horses.  I imagine the ghetto Olympics featuring drive by shootings events with points deducted for killing the innocent.

Next week I will have the Democrats national convention to irritate me into consciousness.  But I will not watch that.  I will miss the Olympics.

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