Santa Barbara Cemetery

Having managed to locate the ashes of Carol’s parents, today we buried them.  At the cemetery of the Santa Barbara Cemetery Association.  First though Carol checked out all the local burial places.  The one right here in Goleta is supported by the taxes of the people of Goleta.  Being buried there was consequently somewhat cheaper.  But it was located right next to the Freeway.

Carol had her eye on Santa Barbara Cemetery for some time. Her mother had always wanted to live near the ocean; but she never got to (though they had the money) because Carol’s father was worried it might upset his allergies.  Turns out you can see the ocean from the Santa Barbara Cemetery.  So Carol decided that would be the place since it afforded her mother an ocean view and her father wouldn’t be around to complain about the allergies.


  So looking one way—you can see the ocean (barely) and you turn around and you see the mountains.  Quite a Santa Barbara place.  But more expensive than Goleta—3300 dollars in fact for a duplex plot for two parents (stacked on top of each other).  We will probably buy a plot for ourselves there.  I said, though, what if we change our plans, and the lady showing us the plots said the cemetery would buy it back (with a transfer fee of 150) should we change our minds, or we could put it up for sale on Craig’s List.



I thought jeez what an opportunity; and asked if we could buy more than one plot.  Maybe a dozen or so because the way I figure it these little plots are bound to go sky high what with the surplus of yuppies about to die and in a decade we could probably fetch triple what we paid for them.  But the lady showing us about got real stern and said the law prohibited any speculations in cemetery property. I had to work, with help from Carol, to convince the lady that I was just kidding.


Carol said a few words with me and the cemetery lady present.  Then we went out to lunch.  Just Carol and me.  Not the cemetery lady.


39 days without cigarettes–I think.  Now what do I have to be anxious about. 

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