First Cousins

Please find below the list of the grandchildren of William Berner Tingle and Bertha Mines Tingle as compiled by Jenny Lind Good Bannister:

Grandchildren in birth order:

Gordon Brockman (d.)                         9-5-44             Edith and Bill

William Nicholas Tingle (Nick)               12-14-45         WB and Joan

Neal Mines Tingle, Jr. (Rusty)               12-20-47         Neal and Doris

Susan Gayle Brockman Pittman            4-8-48             Edith and Bill

Stephen James Tingle                         4-11-48          WB and Joan

Jacks Berner Tingle                             2-25-49           Neal and Doris

Wayne Keith Brockman                        7-29-49           Edith and Bill

Elizabeth Nan Good Williamson            4-7-53             Addie and Ed

David Andrew Tingle (Dave?)               5-12-53           WB and Joan

Charlotte Ann Tingle                          11-17-54          Carl and Virginia

Lucy Day Tingle Dean                          4-4-55             Neal and Doris

Tony Kevin Tingle                               4-27-57           Neal and Doris

Theresa Brockman  Hershberger          7-31-58           Edith and Bill

Jenny Lind Good Bannister                  1-8-59             Addie and Ed

Catherine Louise Corbett (Cathy)         12-18-59         Mamie and Wylie

Janet Lowry Good Walston                  5-4-60             Addie and Ed

Daniel Jeffery Tingle (Dan)                 7-15-60           WB and Joan

Helen Elizabeth Corbett (Beth)              2-1-61             Mamie and Wylie

Edward Floyd Corbett                           10-2-63           Mamie and Wylie

Richard Berner Tingle (Ricky)               5-6-64             Douglas and Becky

Sam Fuller Tingle                                10-6-64           Neal and Doris

Amy Rebecca Tingle King                      5-4-66            Douglas and Becky

Cynthia Lee Good Stockman (Cyndi)       10-14-70        Addie and Ed

Emily Viola Tingle                                  6-10-76         Douglas and Becky


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Just yesterday I became a Facebook friend of Samantha Dobbins of Greenville, SC, whom I infer from the list above is the daughter of Sam Fuller Tingle, and the granddaughter of Neal and Doris.  Is this correct?