Thoreau says a person should never read the newspapers because really there’s never anything new in them.  Pretty much the same old shit,  different bucket.  He’s right, of course. But it’s really moonfoothard not to hear about current events these days what with television, radio, the newspaper and weekly magazines.  They have TV’s on the machines I “work out” on.  I never have mine on; I mean the one on my individual machine.  But the one next to me was on and I saw out of the corner of my eye that some guy is trying to put a luxury hotel, spa, and casino up in outer space.

So in this era of the free market and free enterprise, some entreprenuer is going to commercialize outer space.  So much for the final, fucking frontier; instead a bunch of the mega-rich will be up in outer space partying down.  Of course, there will be a reality TV show about the mega-rich and what they do up in Outer Space.  And the outer space hotel, spa, and casino will generate a stream of outer space pornography over webcams.

These porns will feature outer space zero gravity fucking.  I think it will prove pretty difficult to fuck in zero gravity, but I am sure they will figure out a way to do it with harnesses perhaps and a lot of velcro.  I wonder if there has already been some secret outer space fucking on the space shuttle, you know for scientific purposes.  I bet some mice have fucked up there.

The next time the WTO and the other members of the fucking global elite want to meet they can meet in the fucking outer space hotel, spa, and casino far away from any possible public disturbances.

So this is what we have come to.  I watched the original moon landing.  I don’t know where I was exactly.  But I remember I was depressed, per usual, and the TV was black and white.  The whole thing involved a lot of waiting and was sort of boring except for those critical moments when there was a possibility the astronauts might kill themselves, like when the rocket took off or they actually landed on the moon.  Officially, at that time, I was against the whole moon thing as a complete waste of money.  Fucking juvenile, given all that needed to be done right here on mother earth.

The arrogance of youth, I guess.  Now I, given the way things have gone, I am not so sure.  When you get right down to it, the moon program was the last great public works program—like the TVA or the building of the interstate highway system after WWII—we have had in this USA.  NASA employed a lot of people, some knowledge was generated, and the whole thing had a purpose, a public purpose.  The whole thing was kind of heroic in a square-jawed, thick headed way.  When Armstrong put his foot in that dust, he made a point of speaking, admittedly in a sexist way, for everybody.

Now we are going to get an outer space hotel, spa, and casino for that the elite of the mega-rich that rules the world.  And also a whole new kind of porn.

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