Romana Drive Christmas 1957

This might be our first or second Christmas at 10194 Ramona Dr.  We have that damn dog Micky


already.  Did we get him the second or first year at Ramona Drive?  For some reason he appears in a number of shots of us “boys.”  Seems like boys with dog included or maybe dog with boys included, since it seemed like we all had to compete with the dog to get the old lady’s attention.  Usually I am the one holding the stinking mutt.  Perhaps that was a job that fell to the eldest.


Looks like we made out that year like bandits.  I have my baseball glove and appear to be scrutinizing it.  That means I was already playing Little League Ball or was going to that spring.  Also I have those horrible glasses.  I got them in fifth grade when I stopped being able to see the writing on the blackboard.  Man those glasses were a pain.  They kept breaking and always it was my fault as if I were the one responsible for the rapid aging process of cheap plastic.  Those things had no flex in them and the plastic would get real hard and fragile in a few months and then snap.

Dave is looking abstracted and sort of staring off into space.  He has a bb gun on his lap.  I doubt it was his bb gun; maybe it was Steve’s BB gun.  The bb guns were always Daisy bb guns, made by a company called Daisy I guess.  All electric trains were made by a company called Lionel.  My baseball glove was made by Wilson.

Steve is looking alert.  Apparently our wardrobes back in that day consisted entirely of jeans and striped t-shirts and dirty white socks.  Later on I wore tennis shoes; Converse All Stars black and high topped. 

Dan is not yet on this earth yet.  That will be in a couple of years.

That tree looks pretty dinky to me; but the parental units didn’t really believe on splurging on the amenities.  

Christmas day was usually pretty awful.  So was Thanksgiving.

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  1. What room was this in? Was this pre-family room? Yhea, Joan had a thing for scrawny “natural” looking trees, smaller trees on top of a table or something was the norm. Did we each get a BB gun or did they buy one, give it to one kid, take it back and re-gift it to the next? I do not recall ever seeing this picture, I need to come over and check out the stacks you are going through. The pics that might be cool to Los Bros Tingles are likely the ones that Joan saw no importance in. So she never showed them to me, or rather was so disorganized that she did not know where they were. The photo albums were always a favorite think of mine to kill time looking through, inspired me in my early pursuits of photography, I like the old cameras best, the brownie style, even if the subject was current those cameras had a way of making it look old or at least from another time in the image itself.

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