WB’s Stone

This is WB’s stone located now in the cemetery of the ARP Church in Ora, South Carolina.

As the stone indicates WB died last year on February 7, so in a way getting the stone made, up, and in place serves to commemorate the date of his death.  Jewish people, I do believe, burn a candle every year on the death date of a beloved relative.  Probably not a bad idea to make us remember things do pass quickly. 




When we—me, Carol, and my brother David and his son—went back to the Church to put our father’s ashes in the ground, Carol and I went to the phone book and looked up a place where we might get a stone made.We drove out of Laurens on the Greenville Highway and found a place on the right that said Wilson Memorials.Nobody was there, but we could see into the yard work area and it looked like a place where memorials might be made.There was a big yard dog there behind the fence, but he was asleep and would not be disturbed by our presence.

After a while, Mr. Wilson showed up as Carol and I were looking at the stones out front. 
For some reason, I wanted one that stood up and didn’t just lie flat on the ground and it had to be big enough for two names since Joan had told me she wanted to be placed next to WB when her time came and I had said I would see to it. 

In this picture, the stone looks too big to me, as if it might be blocking out the view of other stones or something.  But I have been reassured that it is not too big, but looks big the way the picture is taken.  That is probably the case.

Mr. Wilson gave us a brochure to take with us, and some time before Christmas I pulled it out, and called Mr. Wilson and told him what we wanted.  But he wanted to be absolutely sure he had the right one, so I had to fax him a picture I had taken of the one I wanted out front of his place.

I think Mr. Wilson did good work, and the punctuation is solid.  That “G” in the middle of TinGle looks sort of big to me.  But I have always found a capital G hard to make with a pencil much less carve one in stone.

Mr. Wilson sent me this picture so I could see he had put the stone up.

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