Parking Lot

This is my parking lot.  Or this was my parking lot.  Now my parking lot is no more, just a bunch of chopped up blacktop.  But in this area my parking lot was once located.  It is no more.


I miss my parking lot.  I started parking in that lot in 1976.  So I parked in that lot for over 30 years.  The walk from my lot to my office is not that far.  But now because my parking lot is no more I must walk at least 4 times as far as I previously walked.

Moreover, I have to park in a strange lot with which I am unfamiliar.  I feel like an interloper in that lot.  That lot has a parking structure in the middle of it.  I do not like going into the parking structure because you drive and drive sometimes looking for a spot and you see one over there but because of the way the structure is constructed you know you won’t reach that spot in time because you will have to drive around to hell and back to get to that spot.

So I park in a spot past the parking structure, out in the open air, and to get to where I want to go I have to walk through the parking structure.  I have to cross two roadways that sometimes have cars whizzing by in search of a parking space.

I feel endangered in the parking structure.  And then I have to cross a bike path.

My old parking lot had a stand of eucalyptus right in the middle of it and trees all along the far side over by that white building.  But over Christmas break, they came in and cut all the trees down.  And then one day I drove up and there was a gate where I used to drive into my lot.

Life goes on, I guess, but without my familiar parking lot.  I hope I can adjust.

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