Accidental Snap

This is an accidental photo.  I had just taken a few snaps of my parking lot and I must have failed to turn off the camera because when I loaded the files onto my computer, this photo showed up. 


I didn’t know it was there.

I feel dizzy looking at it because I know that shadow is my shadow and so I am looking at myself upside down.  I have no idea where the camera was pointing when I took this snap because I was not aware I had taken a snap, but it must have been pointing behind me.






Here I am right side up.  I feel less dizzy looking at it this way; though this way I certainly do look as if I had a pen head.


I like this accidental photo partly because it reminds me of a De Chirico painting.  I have liked his paintings for a long time.  They are sad and remind me of the passage of time.  Shadows play a big role in his paintings.  Usually they are very long—those shadows—suggesting, I believe, the end of the day.  In the picture below, the little girl rolling the hoop has a shadow behind her, but she seems herself painted in the same color as the shadow.




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