Some progress was made on the parking lot since Tuesday.  More of the blacktop has been moved away and earth is showing now, as well as dust when the tractor goes through.





The digital data projectors are stored in this room, along with cables and other odds and ends. I dropped off my cables and keys at audio visual place where one gets the audio visual stuff as I do at the end of each quarter.  Then I have to check them out again for next quarter.


Yesterday, I got my car “smogged” as required by California law.  I was happy the old 86 Volvo passed, but sad to learn it churns out about 25% more pollutants than your average up to date car.  But I drive it less than 7000 miles a year so maybe that makes up for the pollution a little.  The smogging cost over 50 dollars; and the fee for the registration was over 50 dollars. 


I recently read that in the 19th hundreds in the US fifty percent of all children did not make it past the age of 10.  If a person turned 21 in the year 1900, there was a fifty per cent chance that one of that person’s parents was already dead.  The world wide average life expectancy doubled in the 20th century from 30 to 60 years of age.  The average life expectancy however has risen in significant part not because people are living longer but because the infant mortality rate has been very significantly reduced.  There has been a 10% increase in life expectancy at the upper end.  Whatever that means.

 Women live longer than men, though men, in the industrial nations are catching up, and the affluent live longer than the poor.  Certainly the notion of class is a social construction, but is living a shorter amount of time because one is poor a social construction? 

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