Dumb and dumber




Hard hats are now necessary because of objects falling from the sky.


Yesterday was the last day of class.  I always get bummed in the last week of class.  Maybe that’s when I most feel I have managed over ten weeks to move a pile of sand from one random spot to another.  Or could be I will miss seeing the students.  Each class is different, and UCSB is just big enough that chances are I won’t see a one of them again, unless they want something.


I tried to watch that movie, Borat, on DVD that I had read about.  But I gave up after 30 minutes.  I hadn’t laughed once.  Maybe you have to see that one with an audience.  I wonder what people were laughing at.  The sudden realization of their own bigotry perhaps?  Maybe that’s why I didn’t laugh.  I am not surprised by my bigorty.  This is America.  I am anti-American because I am an anti-bigot.



I was mildly amused at the image of Borat taking a dump in a planter box outside some building on a street in NY, NY.  Stupid rube!  I was back in the 70s watching some damn, boring German film about alienated youth who seemed, for some reason, to spend a lot of time driving along the border between East and West Germany, back when the two Germanies were split up, and out of nowhere for no particular reason, one of the guys gets out of the car and goes and squats on a sand dune and takes a dump.  I didn’t know what the point was, but I remember thinking that a person would have to be pretty relaxed or need to take a crap pretty bad to do it right there on camera like that, because no special effects were used in this instance.  I mean this dump was not digitally enhanced.


Whatever happened to alienated youth?


Census data indicate that only 24% of all households follow the pattern of the “traditional” family: a father, a mother, plus kids, dog, cat, and so forth.  Only 13% of all households feature a father, a mother who stays home and does not work, plus dog, cat and so forth. The number of single people of both sexes continues to rise, as does the number of households with an unmarried man, woman, plus kids.

I see Nissan is putting out an SUV called the Armada.  Where is Sir Francis Drake when you need him.?


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