Bye Bye Manhattan




That’s the Manhattan skyline from the freeway headed towards JFK.

So we left the hotel at 7 am ECT and arrived in SB at about 3 WCT. That’s a long travel day, about 11 hours by my reckoning but we had no untoward or extended delays.

This morning I woke wide awake at 5 am.  That would have been 8 am ECT.  Apparently my interior biological clock was in the process of resetting itself.  This interior clock is a pretty amazing thing; mine is very accurate.  I would like to know more about how it works.

While in Manhattan, received an email that Joan had to be removed from the Villas to the hospital.  The doctor thought stroke, but now they believe pneumonia.  Brother Steve reported via email:

went by and looked in on J…..nothing much new… test results back from the urine sample, but the nurse says there is some kind of infection obvious….she asked that I pass along info to the family, so that they don’t get too many phone calls….J has a phone in her room, but they say she needs rest as much as anything….so she will be in Palomar for an unknown number of days, until her lungs are clear….and then back to the Villas, where her bed is being held for her…..she was more coherent today than yesterday, hence nastier today than yesterday… other words, not much new

Below the Manhattan skyline is hardly visible as an irregular black line at the very bottom of the snap.


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