March Something or Other

One may find, not twenty feet apart, these plagues located not far from the Waldorf Astoria (undergoing renovation) on the street facing the south end of Central Park.  So high culture and popular culture meet at street level. 


Since my last visit a huge pile of dirt—as well as big yellow tractors—has appeared in my former parking lot.




Brother Dan’s language ability continues to return.  He wrote the following interesting email:


El Bros-

I had an interesting view of the dreaming. From 6 O’clock I had a dream, it was nonsense in nature. I woke up when I screwed the bottle back on itself, and there was much fuzziness about that.

Brother Steve reports via email:

my head feels like a ton of bricks…..did not go to visit again at the hospital, what with coughing and sneezing all over the place….might have caught the cold in that freezing emergency room anyway… today I’m going to just rest as much as possible…..will have to go out sometime to buy chicken soup and some kind of cold remedy…..the good thing is I’m off work until Wednesday, so maybe I’ll be better by then…..


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