Shoo rhymes with moo and slough

Week one of spring quarter classes is now over.  I didn’t have a good time.  There were lots of people trying to crash both classes.  I hate kicking people out, but I don’t want to overload myself either.  Making matters somewhat worse was the fact that most of the people I had to kick out were seniors.


This makes no sense.  This is the last quarter of their senior year and these seniors have not yet taken the second class in sequence that they should have taken in the beginning of their junior year.  But they couldn’t get in or put if off.  I believe them.  I think some repeatedly tried but couldn’t get the class.  As it is over a third of both classes are seniors.  The research paper is at the center of this class; and most of the seniors have none multiple research papers, except from the couple of students from the biological sciences.

They have done lab reports aplenty.  But not research papers, and this is a class designed for people in the social sciences.  What the heck are two hard science people doing in my social science class?  They are in my class because they have to take it to fulfill their General Education requirements, and they don’t much care what class it is, just when it is.  All the rest of it—that they were supposed to take it as juniors and they are supposed to be in the social sciences–doesn’t make any difference.

This is a ridiculous and impossible class.  I had to struggle with being pissed off for all the classes this first week.  I would call roll and think well maybe I will have some open spots for the crashers and then the people who were on the list and officially enrolled would come in 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes late.  I want to shot them.  And, then, as I am trying to describe the class and get things rolling a bit, in comes a student and says he wants to crash and do I have room.


The water from the golf course (part of the flood plain) runs off into the above.  A slough.  It may look like a lagoon, but the water is only inches deep.  Come summer it will be mud flats with wet spots here and there.  A slough, in other and fewer words. 

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