So today we flew down to SD. That was a real extravagance since it costs as much nearly to fly from SB to SD as it does from SB to NY.  But we flew down together so that we could drive back together in the car Carol’s mom passed along to us.  We drove down months back to get it and she changed her mind about giving it to us because she didn’t want to admit her driving days were over.  That pissed me off.


 Then every time Carol called the first thing out of her mother’s mouth was, “When are going to come down and get the car.  When are you going to come down and get the car?  You had better come down and get the car before the battery runs down.”  So Carol said she was going fly down and drive the car back up.  But her mother said, “I don’t want you driving alone back up.  Can’t your husband come?”  No, her husband can’t come because the last thing he wants to do is drive through LA.  So she said she would pay for the airplane ticket for the husband to fly down and drive back up to SB with her daughter.

 So we flew down and of course she forgot she said she was going to pay for the husband’s ticket, not the husband cared any because he was pretty sure to begin with that he would see the money. 

 Brother Dave picked us up at the airport and drove us to his house and then out to where Carol’s mother is and then we drove over to where Joan is and met Steve there right after he got off from his job at the swap meet.  

 That’s really why the husband flew down to see what kind of shape his mother was in, given that she seemed to have been pretty ill. The visit was pretty scary because Joan did not look very good and they made the husband, and the wife, and Steve wear masks when visiting Joan because the doctor’s say she had a really nasty bug.  So now the husband thinks he will catch this nasty bug from Joan and die.

 The husband thinks that would be pretty ironic and is in a really crabby mood.




Above, a picture of the SD airport terminal, and the view from Brother David’s house.

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