Joan K. Tingle

Joan K. Tingle

May 20, 1922—April 10, 2007


 I am glad I was able to speak for a few minutes with Joan this last Saturday, I guess it was.  She was pretty much out of it but we had a form of conversation.  We hooked up on something we frequently hooked up upon.  Family.  So I gave her the news about folks back in South Carolina and she asked about people and together we tried to recollect the names of people.  Perhaps because Joan had no family at all to speak of, she was interested in WB’s brothers and sisters and wanted to know what was up with them.  So I guess you could say we gossiped for a bit.  And then her concentration faded.

Here is something Joan wrote.  The top little blurb is by the now deceased editor of the former Tingle Family Newsletter:

Literary talent continues to surface from among many Tingle descendants. On the following pages we are pleased to include a well written and documented article by Joan K. Tingle of Valley Center, California. She is the wife of William Berner Tingle, Jr., a sixth generation descendant of John Tingle of Craven County, N.C. and the latter’s wife, Sarah Purifoy. His ancestor chart appeared in the previous issue (Fall 1988) of the newsletter. Her story, titled MONROE MEMORIES, starts on the next page:


Joan Tingle

By May 1862, the alarming news of the critical defeat of the Confederate forces at the Battle of Shiloh, near Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee on April 6 and 7, 1862 must have been known throughout the Confederate states. The South had suffered heavy losses in the Western theater of the war and replacement troops were being urgently recruited.

On May 6,1862 ,the four youngest Sons of Daniel and Parthenia Tingle of Monroe County, Georgia enlisted in Company H, 32nd Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry—Army of Tennessee.1

Daniel Tingle, the eldest son of John and Sara Purifoy Tingle who migrated to Georgia from North Carolina in about the year 18032, had married Parthenia Hatcher in Jefferson County, Georgia in 1 8233 and had settled near his father’s home in Monroe County by 1 830.4 By the Civil War era, the Tingle family was well established in the Blount Community and active in the Paran Primitive Baptist Church there.5 Sons and daughters of Daniel and Parthenia had married into neighboring families and were established on their own farms in the area.6 Monroe County was not an area of large plantations but rather one of substantial farms cleared from the gentle pine covered hills.7

Solomon Willie, the youngest son of Daniel and Parthenia was a lad sixteen years old when he enlisted on May 6. l862.8 His birth date was October 20, 1846. It is recorded that he was in an army hospital in Savannah, Georgia in July 1 862,but he later returned to his regiment and served until April 26, 1865 when he surrendered in Greensboro, North Carolina at the end of the tragic conflict.9 Solomon married Georgia Ann McCallum in 1868, settled in Henry County, Georgia, had a family of ten children and is buried in Beersheba Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in Locust Grove, Georgia.’°

Another son of Daniel and Parthenia, McCarroll, who was horn November 9, 1833, had been married in 1858 to Nary Ann Persons Castleberry. and when he enlisted in the Confederate forces he left his wife with two small daughters and a newborn son.11 On February 20, 1864, McCarroll was wounded in the left leg at Ocean Pond, Florida Records show he was captured at Macon, Georgia April 20—21, l865.12 He returned home upon his release to farm and care for his wife and children. He is buried near his father and mother in Paran Cemetery in Blount, Monroe County. 13

The third son of this Tingle family who enlisted on that day in May 1862 was James Lafayette Tingle. Pension records show he was wounded in the left leg and permanently disabled at Ocean Pond, Florida February 20, 1864, and never returned to his regiment.14 His birth date was December 25, 1840, and during his long and active life he married twice. His first wife, whom he married December 26,1866, was Sarah E. McCallum. After her death, he married, on February 26,1884, Tommie Tucker. He fathered eight children by each wife and has hundreds of descendants throughout the South.15 James Lafayette lived to be almost ninety

years old and died April 21 1930.16

The fourth son of the Daniel Tingle family who enlisted on this same day in 1862 was Archibald Daniel who was born February 5,1835. He and Mary Mahala Treadwell had married in 1856, and they had three young Sons at the time Daniel Archibald left home to fight for the cause in which he believed. He served for three years and surrendered at the cessation of hostilities in Greensboro, North Carolina on April 26,1865. 17 To quote from the obituary of Archibald Daniel Tingle in a Monroe County newspaper,” At the close of the war he came home to his wife and children to begin again with what the Yankees had left him and to live in peace the rest of his life”.18 ”Mr. Archie” and “Miss Haley” had six more children, and he was a prosperous farmer and storekeeper in the community where he was born and lived all his life.19 Daniel Archibald Tingle died March 3, 1917. He is buried in Mt. Vernon Baptist Church Cemetery in Butts County, Georgia.20

The Civil Wa
r years were a sad and trying period for parents both in the North and in the South. Daniel and Parthenia were fortunate that all four of their soldier Sons returned home to live long and useful lives. Their daughter, Louisa Jane, lost her husband, Enoch Tollerson, during his army service, and Daniel’s nephew, Jesse Tingle, the eldest son of John J. and Duemma Tingle died of variola fever while on active duty in 1863.21

So that homecoming in the early summer of 1865 was a dichotomy of joy and sorrow, hope and despair. But hope prevailed—hope for the future of the South and for the whole nation united once more.


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The author, Joan K. Tingle, adds a footnote

“Miss Mary Tingle of Athens, Georgia is, as far as I know, the last living grandchild of Confederate War veteran, Archibald Daniel Tingle, the son of Daniel and Parthenia Miss Mary is retired from the faculty of the University of Georgia, and she is a gracious Southern gentlewoman. We visited her last summer while in the South.


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