Charleston Ho

Well we made it to Charleston but without our luggage.

We got up at 415 to be at the airport by 515 for a flight to leave at 6 only to be greeted by a line of people and the announcement that our flight had been postponed till 7.  Actually it left at 730.  So we barely made it to our connecting flight in Dallas, but our luggage didn’t make it.

Overall, a terrible trip.  We are on the run way at Dallas getting ready to take off and we are called back to the terminal because they forgot to sign some paper work.  The world is in the control of incompetents.  So we go back and sign the paper work and take off again.  Finally arriving in Charleston at around 5 pm but without our luggage.

There we were greeted by Brother Dave and Sister-in-Law Teresa who had taken the red eye the night before.

We get those plastic keys to our room.  But they don’t work.  So I take them down and get some more.  But those don’t work either.  Finally, the young woman at the desk walks up another set of plastic keys and this time they work.

Brother Dave and Sister in Law Teresa have a really nice room at the corner of the building (The King Charles Inn on Meeting Street), big and roomy with a frig and a micro that Dave found on the web.  Ours is OK but not quite so well appointed.  I think it is almost eleven SC time, but my body still thinks it’s about 8.




We had dinner at this place Carol likes because they have she-crab soup.  It’s a quaint sort of place, with waiters who talk way too much, and it makes me nervous when the so-called entrées top 20 bucks.  It’s a sociological thing.


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