Charleston What Ho

Seems to be about 4 pm ECT here in Charleston.

 We go out, come back and once again our plastic keys don’t work. So Carol gets another set and then they both don’t work. 





 So finally, they are going to get somebody to look at the lock.  The automatic assumption is that the person renting the room is screwing up the lock.  So it has to screw up a dozen times before anyone will look into seeing if there is some problem other than the person renting the room.

 I sound a bit irritated.  I am.  I didn’t sleep terrifically well.  And while as I have previously noted, I am a very regular person constitutionally, travel does muck about with my regularity.  That’s also irritating.

 On the non irritating side, the weather is very mild for this part of the world at this time of year.  Overcast with an occasional shower.  Reminds me of when I was a kid back here; a storm would come up, out of nowhere, black as hell, deposit its load and move quickly on.  Not like Southern California where—when it does rain—it comes in low and sort of broods on top of you for a couple of days before doing its business and moving on   (hmmm..the metaphors I use suggest a bowel preoccupation).

 So Carol and I were out walking down by the water and while we sat there talking with a student from Charleston College who was selling Italian ices, rain comes up, wets the ground and moves on.  Carol wanted she-crab soup so we went to 82 Queen where the she-crab soup is for lunch, and struck up a conversation with a woman sitting across who is a flight attendant and was graduated from the University of Athens and with the waiter who is a few years out of college and spent two years as a Peace Corp Worker in Siberia of all places.  That’s Siberia Russia.

 He thinks there will be a revolution in Russia next year; the people want to go back to some form of socialism and the corruption is beginning to get way too blatant.

 The Italian Ice girl is from Boston, but likes Charleston ok.  She plans also to go abroad after graduating.

 Lots of people going abroad.  If the USA has a brain drain we have had it.  If I were a bright, well heeled young person today I would go abroad also.  The USA is not the wave of the future.

 We took David and Teresa to the airport to pick up their car.  They drove off to visit a plantation and we went back to the hotel to get our luggage that finally arrived.

So now we are in Charleston with our clothes and other stuff and we have a room that’s clean thougsh the keys don’t work.

Not too bad, I guess.


That’s a bad pic of the she-crab soup place at 82 Queen. 

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