Still Tossing More Junk

Most of another day in the garage cleanup.  For Carol at least.  I am stuck and can’t do much more till the shredding gets done, and I upset her by bring out yet more paper junk from the condo.  She started feeling overwhelmed.  So I stopped doing that.

She finds it hard—and me too—going through all that crap.  The crap makes you think about your life and where you have been and what you have done and what you haven’t done over the years.  That’s probably one reason people don’t throw out stuff; they really don’t want to remember anything.





Take that bike there in the picture.  I don’t know how many years back I decided I would be eco conscious and get exercise by riding a bike.  It’s only a couple of miles to the university, so on top of that I would ride to the club or just out on a bike path that runs from the university to downtown so that I was averaging like 13 miles a day or better over about a three year period.

But then my neck gave out and I started having pains in the neck and pains going all down my shoulders to my hands.  The bad office chair I had then and the bike were both responsible.  I got a new chair but I had to stop riding the bike.  I had bags on it for my books and stuff, and a lights for at night in the front and the back and a speedometer so I could torture myself with how slowly I was going when all the younger people just whizzed by me.  It told me the number of miles I had gone too.  I would get pissed when it would lose the connection and not work because I wanted to keep track of how many miles I had gone.

So I had to park the bike.  But it still seemed like a good bike to me and I would take it out occasionally and ride over to this park on the ocean, but then the pedals started slipping, so I took it in for a tune up, and the guy took a look at it and said “no way.”  He said I had biked it to death.  The bike as far as I could calculate had about 10,000 miles on it.  Damn I thought a bike would last more than 10,000 miles.

So now I am throwing it out.  Once on a hill, I got going about 40 mph on that thing.

I worked on Tingle Territory a bit more.  I moved all the collection over to the Google site.  It’s pretty cool.  You can click on the slideshow and the captions come up too if you want or you can turn them off, and down on the lower left of the page is a Google map so you can mark where the pictures were taken.  So if you have Google earth on your computer you can click on the map, log on to Google earth, and look at the pot via satellite.  The only problem is I don’t think I have done a very accurate job of pin pointing things.

Though I do believe I have located the ARP in Ora and Grandma’s house a little down from that.

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