The Mystery of Tingle Road

Tingle Road is making me nuts.  I mean so what?  The Tingles have a road named after them.  No big deal.  After all it was named for them since it went right through their property.  The road was called Tingle because they owned it. I found a Tingle Bridge on the web.  Probably that’s because the Bridge is located on Tingle property.  It’s not like Tingle Road was named after a famous Tingle like all those Lincoln Roads all over the country are named after a famous Lincoln.  And hell, take a look at Tingle Road…It’s barely a road anymore.

 Still, for all that, I was upset to note, as I have previously said, that according to Google maps, Tingle Road is slowly disappearing.  It used to run from clear down around Blout up into Butts County.  I have a Monroe County map from 1988 that clearly shows that to be the case.  Now on Google maps at the south end only a little tiny bit of Tingle Road remains.  The big piece going north is now called Graham, maybe because some interloper named Graham now owns the property through which the road runs.  So be it.

But to the north, I have pictures taken in the 90’s that show actual road signs with the name Tingle on them.  One at the corner of Brownlee and Tingle Road and the other at the intersection of Tingle Road and High Falls.  Actual pictures.  BUT Google maps now say that end of Tingle Road is Teagle Road.  I got the feeling strange people were trying to wipe out any remnant or memory of Tingle Road maybe because there are no Tingles in the area that I know of to defend the memory of Tingle Road.

Yes, memories must be defended to.

Now I have concluded that Google is screwed up.  For while they call it Teagle Road at the north end, if you type in Tingle Road in Google maps, up comes a Tingle Road in Jackson that is pointing—you guessed it—to what they call Teagle Road.  From this I conclude somebody collecting the data wrote Teagle for Tingle and so it no longer appears on Google maps.

This makes me wonder about history in a general way.  How the hell accurate can people be?  People forget stuff all the time.  I can’t remember yesterday.  How could a person in his or her 80’s say such and such occurred on such and such a day with anything like accuracy?

Anyhow Tingle Road is driving me nuts.

So now I have four google picture sites:

 Tingle Road
Cemeteries and Churches
Grandma Tingle’s Place
Pappy Tingle’s House


All can be located at.  So take a jaunt through Tingle Territory.

Oh, I have tried to make a google map of Tingle Territory, but I am not so hot at maps yet. When you get to the google map page click on the tab for My Maps (those being my maps) and when that page comes up click on Tingle Territory.


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