Big Fire Continued Again

The Zaca Fire has become a brooding presence hanging over this summer.  As previously noted, it started July 4.  It seemed to go away for a while and was reported as 80% contained at one point.  For the last two weeks though, I go to the club and work out on whatever machine it is I work out on, and stick the plugs for my little FM radio in my ears, and every day a news caster voice comes on, interrupting the music on my moldy oldie station, with a Zaca Update.  Yesterday the news caster update voice said the fire was 68% contained, and moving away from Santa Barbara and environs but that residents should stay in a state of heightened alertness since the fire, depending on winds, could turn on us at any moment.



Soot and ash had not been raining so I was alarmed to see, Friday, I think it was, as I drove downtown to see my shrink, a huge grey plume of smoke rising above the mountains again, and in front of that, a still huge but smaller ball of thick black smoke suggesting an intense blaze in full swing.  Later, I learned that might have been a controlled backfire.

The mysterious end date for the fire, September 7, still holds and by that time, one person told me, the fire may have consumed 80, 000 acres.  That seems like a lot of acres to me.

Carol went over to her office and helped a friend move some of her family valuables in there because she and her significant other are going to Europe for two weeks, and the friend couldn’t shake her anxiety about the fire.  The idea that this fire might burn some precious family valuables was going to cast a pall over her entire trip.





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