Hell in a Handbasket

Yesterday was stressful what with all those lawyer dealings, and to top it off somebody goes and robs a Sizzler!  The one not two miles from where we live. Who the hell would hold up a Sizzler?  Would have to be a robber with really low expectations.  But Carol got a call from one of her clients who was worried that he wouldn’t be able to get home and what was he to do since his usual route was blocked at that time by cops trying to locate the bandit. 

This is a pretty main artery so I got an email from the university saying the road was blocked due to a Sizzler hold up, and then later in the day, I got another report from the University saying 101, that heads up the coast, was blocked due to a wildfire in Lompoc. So now we have another wildfire.





The Zaca fire is now the third biggest in CA history, and given the way it is going could easily move into second place.  It’s been burning now for 49 days, and has consumed about 216,000 acres and has cost about 87 million so far to fight.

In this picture down at the beach, you can see a lighter blue line on the horizon.  That is one of the Channel Islands off the coast of SB.  They are actual islands though I have forgotten how many of them there are.  Yesterday, they were visible for the first time in weeks.  So perhaps the smoke is clearing from the air a bit.

Here is a link to the best site I have found on the Zaca Fire.  It’s something called the Incident Information System, though I would call the Zaca Fire more than an incident.  It has fire and smoke pictures galore, as well as really official sounding information. 

Some dolphins went swimming by when we were there, and I tried to take a picture of them, but missed and got a pretty good picture of seaweed instead.





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