By the Beach

I was sorry to hear my favorite Aunt had to go to the hospital yesterday for a heart cath.  The doctors feared a heart attack was imminent; she has been struggling for some years now with a lung problem.  Her difficult breathing puts pressure on the heart of course.

 Carol’s mom is out of the hospital for the time being.

Brother Steve is now a grandpa as of yesterday, his daughter Caroline having given birth to one Colton James Dhillon.

Brother David is Grandpa twice over, his son Stephen being now the father of a second son, Blake Daniel Tingle.

Brother Dan dropped by and we took a walk to the beach with the Puccini the Dog.





Brother David went in for his yearly dermatological checkup and they had to cut out a number of things from his face; one was a squamous cell.  I don’t that genetically Tingles do too well out in the sun.

The beach—right at the beach—was fogged in till late afternoon, signifying a possible change in the weather pattern.





I am going to get the old Volvo ready to give to my nephew, Dylan.  Need to see if I can find the paper for it.

 Today, some guy is going to come and cut a hole in a wall and put a window in the hole.  We will see.

I can’t get some software I bought for music making to work and it’s driving me positively nuts.

Surfers were surfing in the foggy surf.


I agreed to write a “response” to an article in an academic journal.  But right now I can’t seem to get started on it.

I hear from relatives in SC that the heat has been just terrible, up near a hundred for about 3 weeks running, no rain, and now some of the trees are dying.

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