Chicken Livers Continued

Since thinking of fried chicken livers yesterday, I must say I thought an inordinate amount about chicken livers yesterday.  But I don’t think I will yield to the craving any time soon.  I have put too much time, energy, and will power into changing my diet to renege on it any time soon.

Anyway, when I saw I had reached 202, I decided we were going to shift to salads.  I do the cooking, if you can call it that, and Carol was OK with the salad idea in any case.  So I got out these big bowls and threw a bunch of green material into them, along with onions, tomatoes and avocadoes.  And at Costco I found these cans of chicken and beef meat, and I would throw half a can of that into each bowl, not so much for the meat, because there wasn’t much of that but so that I would have to think I was going meatless.  A terrible thought.

And I began to loose some weight.  Come fall and the start of school and I got pneumonia.  You would think pneumonia would be a good way to lose weight.  But it wasn’t.  One of the few things I had the energy to do with pneumonia was eat, and of course with pneumonia I couldn’t exercise. 

That was the other thing I did to lose weight.  I exercised daily.  Of course, I have exercised daily for about 20 years.  But I had slacked off on the time put in.  One summer back in the 90’s probably, I exercised an hour and a half a day, every day for a whole summer.  I wasn’t trying to bulk up or anything.  But I did acquire a little upper body muscle mass.  The people who owned the club made me the exercise guy of the month, and there was a little picture of me in the monthly flier, as the exercise guy of the month, and I think they gave me a coupon for a free dinner, somewhere, that I didn’t use.

Also—since this losing weight stuff was serious business—I bought a scale.  The first one I had ever owned.  I went out looking for one of those scales I had seen in people’s bathrooms, a sort of metal contraption.  I couldn’t find anything like that, and ended up getting a new kind that runs on a battery.  Also it is supposed to check your body fat by sending some sort of electrical charge through you that can be fatal if you have a pace maker installed.

This scale is way too sensitive.  I prefer a more gross measurement.  If it’s not perfectly flat on the floor, it will add or subtract a pound or two, and I swear if you step on it in a way it doesn’t like it will add or subtract a pound or two, and then I found that it will give you a different weight at different times of day.  The old scales were better because they were not sensitive and a sort of gave you an approximation of your weight.  But this one drove me nuts.

I had the same problem with the new digital thermometer that I bought when I had the pneumonia.  With that thing my temperature was all over the place. Some days my temperature was lower than normal all day long, and that freaked me out as much as having it too high.  Some things I would just prefer not to know.

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  1. chicken livers….
    I once had a thing for chicken livers, not any more, we had this once at the table with J and WB, I threw up…..good by my chicken livers

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