Too Tired

So I get up and check email and have emails from three students saying they tried to enroll in my class with the approval code I gave them but couldn’t get in because I gave them the wrong codes.  Which it turns out, now that I have checked, was true.  I have two of the same class, back to back, and in the same room, and I didn’t even look and gave the guys in the first class the codes for the second class, and the guys in the second class the codes for the first class.

Usually, I don’t do stuff like that.  I mean I can still remember the basics, usually.  But the night before last I slept for crap.  I mean maybe 4.5 hours if I was lucky.  I don’t know what the problem was, but once it started there was no end to it.

I was tense about something, I remember, and then just as I start to drift off this sound like an airplane taking off goes off in my ear because one side of my sleep apnea mask comes lose and causes this roaring sound.  So I readjust the mask, and I start to drift off and it happens again.  So I tighten the straps on the mask, till I have about cut off all circulation to my face and scalp.  Maybe if I tighten it enough I will cut off all the blood to my brain and just pass out.

So it happens again, and there I am fumbling around in the dark because I realize that the mask is killing me, it’s so tight, and I have forgotten, from fatigue, to apply this cream Carol gave me to my facial skin to keep from leaving red marks all over my face from the straps from the sleep apnea mask, and I am fumbling around because I can’t find the little tube of cream.  I am reluctant to turn on the light because if I do, sure as crap, I will be fully awake, not that I am not fully awake and becoming more so by the second because I am pissed off at not being able to find that little tube of crap I put on my face so I don’t get red marks on my face.

It’s like one in the morning.  So, damn it, I decide to take a sleeping pill Carol has a prescription for and see if that does the trick.  But 30 minutes later I am still tossing and turning, so I decide to readjust my approach completely and stack two pillows on top of each other to keep this pain from occurring in my neck and lie directly on my side, and what do you know the new position works.  I go to sleep for a bit but then I wake up because I start to roll over in my sleep, but I have managed to put the tube that brings air to sleep apnea mask UNDER the two pillows so when I try to roll over I can’t.  So my body is going one way and my head the other.

By that time I am really pissed off, and being pissed off I have found is not the way to go to sleep.  But then I do (go to sleep) and what the hell but I wake up at 5 am.  5 am!  For some reason my body has decided I am supposed to wake up at that ungodly hour.  And it knows what it is doing too because I swear I wake up, I look at the clock and it doesn’t say 459 or 501.  It says 5 on the freaking button.

So later in the day I screw up and hand out the wrong approval codes.  I also forgot to bring my lunch and I spilled coffee all over the inside of this bag I pull around behind me.

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